The Chamber

The Chamber officially launched on May 7, 2014 when members of the business community voted in favour of regional cooperation. Geographic boundaries were expanded and a new governance structure was adopted, giving birth to a new regional chamber, including the Kennebecasis Chamber of Commerce, the River Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Saint John West Business Association and the Saint John Board of Trade.

This was a historic day for the Saint John region. Four business associations coming together as one.

The Chamber

One membership, One voice, Unlimited possibilities

The new logo, with the blue box, is a symbol of this partnership and how four walls can come together as one, stronger regional chamber. The Chamber, through its deep roots, originating as the Saint John Board of Trade, still maintains its legacy as one of the country’s first established business associations, serving as the voice of business for the Saint John Community since 1819.

Members of The Chamber are part of something special. We form a dedicated network of over 1000 Saint John area businesses representing over 30 000 professionals and dedicated volunteers who are fully vested in the long term growth and development of the region.

The Chamber is a nationally accredited business organization with distinction. We are dedicated to fostering an economic climate that enhances growth, prosperity and an improved quality of life in the community. Our members represent small, medium and large businesses and organizations from across the region.

We are a dynamic advocate and the principal voice for the Saint John region’s business community. We also offer a variety of programs, activities, services and networking opportunities designed to enhance the business prospects of members and the overall business climate of the area.

What’s In a Name?

The only difference between a Chamber of Commerce and a Board of Trade is the name. They serve exactly the same purposes. Chambers of commerce originated in France. Wanting to be different, the British called their business associations boards of trade.