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Saint John Region

The Saint John region in New Brunswick, Canada is where the river meets the sea.

Saint John is the only city on the shores of the Bay of Fundy where twice daily we experience the highest tides in the world. Strategically located at the mouth of the majestic St. John River, Saint John has been an international trading post for generations, welcoming innovative, creative and entrepreneurial people from around the globe. Built by immigrants, Saint John has formed a cooperative, caring social network that provides newcomers with the foundation for realizing a better way of life.

The Saint John Community is made up of five municipalities and has something for everyone. From urban areas to suburban and rural, we offer newcomers a variety of lifestyles all withina 20-minute drive to the City Centre.

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Saint John is situated on Canada’s Atlantic seaboard on the southern coast of New Brunswick, 110km, (68 miles), from the U.S. border at Calais, Maine. This strategic location provides ready access to major markets in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, and the northeastern United States.

Saint John is the largest city in New Brunswick and one of the largest in Atlantic Canada with a Census
Metro Area (CMA) population of 127,761.


Saint John CMA (Stats Can 2016)


Saint John (City)






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