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Our Mission

Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce Vision Mission Mandate and Value Proposition

Vision Statement

Vision Statement The vision of The Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce is that the greater Saint John community will become the best place in Canada to start, run and grow a business…period!


The mandate of The Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce will be built on a culture that recognizes that our members are our customers, and our collective efforts must be focused on delivering value for membership. Our Members expect that we will use the resources they provide to us, and the combined power of their collective voice, to undertake activities to ensure their membership in The Chamber will:

Make members money

Save Members Money

Reduce Members Risk

This mandate defines the value proposition for The Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce and ensures a focus on our members and what is important to them. Implemented and communicated effectively this mission will provide The Chamber an opportunity to connect with members, attract new members and retain more members thus improving the financial health of the organization.

Mission Statement

As a volunteer Board of Directors and a paid, professional management and staff, we view it as our mission to strove to achieve the vision, fulfill the mandate provided by our members through:

1. Forceful, clear, consistent advocacy in our members’ interests;

2. Operating as a ‘best-in-class’member of the Canadian Chambers of Commerce movement; and,

3. Providing an effective program of services and growth opportunities to our members.