Letter to Minister Green – Provincially designated highways funding program for Town of Rothesay

April 28, 2022

Minister Jill Green
Kings Place
P. O. Box 6000
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5H1

Dear Minister Green,

We are writing to you today in support of Rothesay’s submission for the provincially designated highways funding program and ask that you reconsider your decision to push funding for Rothesay Road further into the future. Although we are pleased to see that government is utilizing multi year plans to aid municipalities’ management of key provincial assets, more financial resources are required.

The town’s 5-year plan which was created in 2021, prioritizes the road surfaces which are in the worst condition and receive the greatest amount of traffic. In Rothesay the provincial highways include route 100 (Rothesay Road and Hampton Road), Fox Farm Road, Southridge Road and part of Campbell Drive from the airport arterial to Millennium Drive. The remainder of Campbell Drive is considered “regional”. We believe there are other municipalities which are not receiving sufficient funding and that $45 million over three years is insufficient provincewide even after municipal contributions are included (25%).

We also note that the province has indicated it is running a deficit of more than $55 million annually for maintenance of local roads in the local service districts and intends to continue with this arrangement after municipal reform is implemented. This is at a time when tax rates in rural areas are significantly lower than those to be found in municipalities. This road is well traveled and is an important route for commuters. We ask that you reconsider your decision and place a higher priority on funding for this critical piece of infrastructure.

Best regards,

David Duplisea
CEO – The Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce