Chamber Releases Results of Vaccine Passport/Document Poll

Chamber Releases Results of Vaccine Passport/Document Poll
Over 73% of businesses do not support a passport

August 25, 2021, Saint John NB: The Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce today released the
results of a Vaccine Passport Poll designed to gauge the level of support for or against the idea of vaccine
documentation. The poll also asked for the respondents to identify the sector that they work within and
would they ask for such a document of their customers.

With over 1,000 responses the Chamber was able to get a clear picture of the attitude in the business
community. 73% of responses were not in favour of a passport/document to indicate vaccination status,
and 86% also indicated they would not ask their patrons for such a document.

Of the sectors identified in the results, most were from the retail, healthcare, hospitality, and government

“Businesses are concerned that further requirements will add to already overburdened staff, when the
uncertainty over the legal ramifications are added in, businesses are left with a higher level of risk”, says
David Duplisea, CEO of the Chamber. Businesses do however support the requirement for some type of
vaccination proof for international travel and large gatherings.

Sample size: 2057
Percent response: 52.26%

In favour of passport: 269, 25%

Not in favour: 788, 73.3%

Undecided: 18, 1,67%

Would you ask for proof vaccine:
Yes: 145, 13.49%

No: 930, 86.51%

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Randy Milton