The Chamber strongly urges residents of New Brunswick to voice their concern regarding federal support for struggling airports in the province to their local Members of Parliament. This comes as airports nationally work to survive the financial fall-out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Asks for local MP's include:


  • Provide short-term operating grants to help airports maintain financial liquidity
  • Similar to the 10 billion in operational funding provided to US Airports for pandemic relief
  • Elimination of airport rent for the remainder of lease
  • Assist airports in meeting critical infrastructure capital expenditure needs Such as Airports Capital Assistance Program, National Trade Corridor Fund, Fed/Prov bilateral infrastructure funding.


In addition to encouraging residents to write their local MP, The Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce has established an advisory committee to shape lobbying efforts including working to establish connections with airlines and if necessary, seek government intervention to prohibit the cancellation of routes that are vital to our national and regional connectivity.

We encourage you to write your local Member of Parliament via the link found below. 

MP List