Community Partners

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We are Looking for Community Partners!

As you have probably seen in the media by now, the Chamber is leading a brand new initiative called “External link opens in new tab or windowWorkcation”.  Together with USTATION, this initiative is designed to entice remote workers to choose the Saint John region as their future home. Before and especially with the current pandemic, remote workers have been revaluating their need to be based in larger centres and are moving on mass to smaller communities with better qualities of life. We want to help them choose greater Saint John.

Here's How It Works

The program will help support individuals and families for a 4-6 week period in the greater Saint John region including accommodations, workspace, activities, meals, and community engagement. While the program does provide some financial support for this pilot period, the visitors will also have to make some investment to be part of the program, so costs will be shared.

A Community of Partners

We are building a collaborative group of Community Partners so that we may offer a unique experience for our guests. Community Partners will have the chance to showcase their business in the planning/advertising of the Workcations, attract new customers, and potentially establish long-term relationships with new members of our community.


If you would like your organization to be a part of this curated offering, please send your company name, contact person and details, and any special offer you may want to make to our pilot participants for their stay here. We will use this information when creating the custom experiences for each pilot participant.

Why Participate?

There will be a yearly marketing and administration fee of $50 to become a Community Partner. For 2021, the Chamber will cover this fee for its members.

There has been a significant response to the small amount of news coverage to date, so we are looking to complete our community partner program in order to allow us to start following up with candidates. Please send your expression of interest by February 19th to

We look forward to your participation and to welcoming these future greater Saint John’ers to our region!

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Workcation is an initiative brought to you by The Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce, USTATION and the Government of New Brunswick